When shopping, do you search for and select the product with a two or three-star rating? No, who does that? Like most consumers, you search for five stars and buy the absolute best. We’re guessing that when it comes to buying and selling real estate, nothing less than five stars will suffice. Don’t settle for a real estate agent that has achieved anything less than a five-star performance. The professional REALTORS® at Beverly-Hanks are among the most productive and highly rated in our region.

Browse through the accomplishments of last year’s top performers. At Beverly-Hanks, our professional real estate agents WORK BIG.

Congratulations to our top team and top agent!

Image of Brian K. Noland And Catherine Proben

Brian K. Noland and Catherine Proben
Noland and Proben Team

Image of Michelle McElroy

Michelle McElroy
McElroy and Ellege Team


President $20,000,000 or more

Image of Michelle McElroy

Michelle McElroy
McElroy and Ellege Team

Image of Ann Skoglund

Ann Skoglund

Image of Heidi DuBose Fore

Heidi DuBose Fore

Image of Billy Harris

Billy Harris
Team Billy Harris

Image of Diane Ward

Diane Ward

Image of Vivien Snyder

Vivien Snyder

Image of Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner


Chairman $10,000,000 to $19,999,999

Image of Chris Battista

Chris Battista

Image of Gaia Goldman

Gaia Goldman

Image of Neil Battle

Neil Battle

Image of Lyn Weaver

Lyn Weaver

Image of Suzanne Beckmann

Suzanne Beckmann

Image of Steve Dozier

Steve Dozier
Steve Dozier Group

Image of Debbie Hrncir

Debbie Hrncir

Image of Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Image of Pamela Williams

Pamela Williams

Image of William Coin

William Coin

Image of Scott Mills

Scott Mills

Image of Janet Gregg

Janet Gregg

Image of David Gregg

David Gregg

Image of Heather Chambers

Heather Chambers

Image of Scott Ambler

Scott Ambler

Image of Eric Attreau

Eric Attreau

Image of Brent Gamble

Brent Gamble

Image of Joanna Beck

Joanna Beck

Image of Eddie Delaney

Eddie Delaney

Image of Lauretta Cook

Lauretta Cook

Image of Misty Masiello

Misty Masiello

Image of Gina Nicholson

Gina Nicholson

Image of Joey Laughridge

Joey Laughridge
Team Billy Harris

Image of JJ Murphy

JJ Murphy

Image of Margo  Barbee

Margo Barbee

Image of Raymond Rainey

Raymond Rainey

Image of Brent Russell

Brent Russell

Image of Ali Thomas

Ali Thomas

Image of Stephen G. Duncan

Stephen G. Duncan


Diamond $7,000,000 to $9,999,999

Image of Clary McCall

Clary McCall

Image of Brooke Parrott

Brooke Parrott

Image of Christina Gallegos Merrill

Christina Gallegos Merrill

Image of Libby Mijanovich

Libby Mijanovich

Image of Debbie Lane

Debbie Lane

Image of Donna Banks

Donna Banks

Image of Rick Merrill

Rick Merrill

Image of Sandy Austin

Sandy Austin

Image of Leslie Elliott

Leslie Elliott

Image of Amy Fleming

Amy Fleming

Image of Bill Fitzpatrick

Bill Fitzpatrick

Image of Nola Goodchild

Nola Goodchild

Image of Sam Rule

Sam Rule

Image of Renée Miller

Renée Miller

Image of Mark Morris

Mark Morris

Image of Marsha Neese

Marsha Neese

Image of Karl Nelson

Karl Nelson
Broad River Capital

Image of McRae Hilliard

McRae Hilliard

Image of Tammy Cox

Tammy Cox

Image of Katie Ledford

Katie Ledford

Image of Sharon Carlyle

Sharon Carlyle

Image of Jesse Shepherd

Jesse Shepherd

Image of Amy Wood

Amy Wood

Image of Susan Barnes

Susan Barnes

Image of Carol Elizabeth Pennell

Carol Elizabeth Pennell

Image of Binford Jennings

Binford Jennings

Image of Hope Swicegood Byrd

Hope Swicegood Byrd

Image of Randall Rogers

Randall Rogers

Image of Lynne Sellers

Lynne Sellers

Image of Pam Davis

Pam Davis


Platinum $5,000,000 to $6,999,999

Image of Laura H.  Thomas

Laura H. Thomas

Image of Sara Champion

Sara Champion

Image of Jared Prast

Jared Prast

Image of Evelyn Zebro

Evelyn Zebro

Image of Rhonda Phillips

Rhonda Phillips

Image of Billy Case

Billy Case

Image of Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

Image of Tina Garrett

Tina Garrett

Image of Caleb Coaplen

Caleb Coaplen

Image of John Madden

John Madden

Image of Bonnie Cathey

Bonnie Cathey

Image of Danielle Thuot

Danielle Thuot

Image of Ellen Sither

Ellen Sither

Image of Christina Gooding

Christina Gooding

Image of Susan Hooper

Susan Hooper

Image of Greg Hnatin

Greg Hnatin

Image of John Keith

John Keith

Image of Tracey Rich

Tracey Rich

Image of Barbara Baskerville

Barbara Baskerville

Image of Beth Bridges

Beth Bridges

Image of Chrystal Anthony

Chrystal Anthony

Image of David Ide

David Ide

Image of Katie Hermida

Katie Hermida

Image of Dawn  Clayton

Dawn Clayton

Image of Alysia Maher

Alysia Maher

Image of Pat Bryant

Pat Bryant

Image of Shelle Ball

Shelle Ball

Image of Linda Baker

Linda Baker

Image of Bob Gardner

Bob Gardner

Image of Lourdes Lanio

Lourdes Lanio

Image of Mike Stamey

Mike Stamey

Image of Glenn Haden

Glenn Haden

Image of Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell
Campbell and McCarson

Image of Kandi Hendricks

Kandi Hendricks

Image of Elizabeth Etheridge

Elizabeth Etheridge

Image of Darrin Blevins

Darrin Blevins

Image of Anna Grace

Anna Grace

Image of Jeremy Myers

Jeremy Myers

Image of Carol Hamlet

Carol Hamlet

Image of Claire Hunn

Claire Hunn

Image of Crystal Capps

Crystal Capps


Gold $3,000,000 to $4,999,999

Image of Chaim Salomon

Chaim Salomon

Image of Bunny Morris

Bunny Morris

Image of Shannon Watkins

Shannon Watkins

Image of Laura Branyan

Laura Branyan

Image of LaNita Cloninger

LaNita Cloninger

Image of Doris And Stan Longworth

Doris and Stan Longworth

Image of Camilo Monroy

Camilo Monroy

Image of Nichole Davis

Nichole Davis

Image of Tracey Novak

Tracey Novak

Image of Hope Burk

Hope Burk

Image of Sara Duque

Sara Duque

Image of Elena Peters

Elena Peters

Image of Paulette Childers

Paulette Childers

Image of Shena Mintz

Shena Mintz

Image of Bill Miller

Bill Miller

Image of Mary Tepper

Mary Tepper

Image of Diane Demetris-Duermit

Diane Demetris-Duermit

Image of Angelic Cannon

Angelic Cannon

Image of Taryn Mocase

Taryn Mocase

Image of Carol Fisk

Carol Fisk

Image of Karen Newgard Black

Karen Newgard Black

Image of Tom Green

Tom Green

Image of Lizzie McGann

Lizzie McGann

Image of Melanie Saldutti

Melanie Saldutti

Image of Rick Tisdale

Rick Tisdale

Image of Lee Stepp

Lee Stepp

Image of Cody Dixon

Cody Dixon
Grand Highlands

Image of Angela Booher

Angela Booher

Image of Shana Huggins

Shana Huggins

Image of Suzanne Giezentanner Bellich

Suzanne Giezentanner Bellich

Image of Mike Kelleher

Mike Kelleher

Image of Jamie Blue

Jamie Blue

Image of Polly Orr

Polly Orr

Image of Deanna Pittard

Deanna Pittard

Image of Susanne Woosley

Susanne Woosley

Image of Noah Ball

Noah Ball

Image of Chandler Brewer

Chandler Brewer

Image of Rich Cooke

Rich Cooke

Image of Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd

Image of Irene Glenn

Irene Glenn

Image of Gene Sandlin

Gene Sandlin

Image of Chloe Knight Lunsford

Chloe Knight Lunsford

Image of Cheryl MacPhail

Cheryl MacPhail

Image of Steve Owen

Steve Owen

Image of Carol Holcombe

Carol Holcombe

Image of Kina Kilpatrick

Kina Kilpatrick

Image of Kelly Garrison

Kelly Garrison

Image of Debbie Mitchell

Debbie Mitchell

Image of Karen King-Smith

Karen King-Smith

Image of Doug And Debbie Bebber

Doug and Debbie Bebber

Image of Marty Prevost

Marty Prevost

Image of Marty Sullivan

Marty Sullivan

Image of Jim Tart

Jim Tart

Image of Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Image of Jan McClure

Jan McClure

Image of Jim Davis

Jim Davis
Broad River Capital

Image of Dayna Pelle

Dayna Pelle

Image of Amy Zollo

Amy Zollo


Silver $2,000,000 to $2,999,999

Image of Kelly Hetherington

Kelly Hetherington

Image of Paul Bakke

Paul Bakke

Image of Jennifer Vogel

Jennifer Vogel

Image of Rex Cutshall

Rex Cutshall

Image of Bill Byrne

Bill Byrne

Image of Liz Boys Asbury

Liz Boys Asbury

Image of Clarence Deyton

Clarence Deyton

Image of Brenda Thomas

Brenda Thomas

Image of Ammie Forrester Weymer

Ammie Forrester Weymer

Image of Cherie Fox-Parker

Cherie Fox-Parker

Image of Rob Roland

Rob Roland

Image of Vivian Fey

Vivian Fey

Image of Jan Rector

Jan Rector

Image of Debra Deaver

Debra Deaver

Image of Nicki Klinar

Nicki Klinar

Image of Sharon Nix

Sharon Nix

Image of Jessica Mansour

Jessica Mansour

Image of Amy Valliere

Amy Valliere

Image of Alice Miller

Alice Miller

Image of Tom DeCarlo

Tom DeCarlo

Image of John Moss

John Moss

Image of Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown

Image of Deanna Holcombe

Deanna Holcombe

Image of Nancy McFall

Nancy McFall

Image of Mark Zaffrann

Mark Zaffrann

Image of Brian Turner

Brian Turner

Image of Theresa Turchin

Theresa Turchin

Image of Meredith Freedman

Meredith Freedman

Image of Joka Daly

Joka Daly

Image of Angie Poole-Stone

Angie Poole-Stone

Image of Margaret Cogdill

Margaret Cogdill

Image of Randy Smith

Randy Smith

Image of Liz Talsky

Liz Talsky

Image of Candi Guffey

Candi Guffey

Image of Steve Crouch

Steve Crouch

Image of Duane Hoover

Duane Hoover

Image of Tamara Stanton

Tamara Stanton

Image of R. Eldon Strunk

R. Eldon Strunk

Image of Lee Blair

Lee Blair


Bronze $1,000,000 to $1,999,999

Image of April Bowman

April Bowman

Image of Emily Bentley

Emily Bentley

Image of Maria Burril

Maria Burril

Image of Cathy Jackson

Cathy Jackson

Image of Mary Dean

Mary Dean

Image of Deborah Wells

Deborah Wells

Image of Jodie Tolbert

Jodie Tolbert

Image of Annie Harper

Annie Harper

Image of Don Bell

Don Bell

Image of Karen Bosse

Karen Bosse

Image of Terry Peterson

Terry Peterson

Image of Cheryl Cannizzaro

Cheryl Cannizzaro

Image of Andrew Freeman

Andrew Freeman

Image of Ann Eavenson

Ann Eavenson

Image of Gordon Farquhar

Gordon Farquhar

Image of Erica Banner

Erica Banner

Image of Greaton Sellers

Greaton Sellers

Image of Cheryl Dalton

Cheryl Dalton

Image of Anne Page

Anne Page

Image of Nicole Sharp

Nicole Sharp

Image of Greg Lemke

Greg Lemke

Image of Pam Snyder

Pam Snyder
Pam and Birch Snyder

Image of Rebecca Freeman

Rebecca Freeman

Image of Clayton Ryan

Clayton Ryan

Image of Cathy Carter

Cathy Carter

Image of Bill Fishburne

Bill Fishburne

Image of George Zourzoukis

George Zourzoukis

Image of Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson
Broad River Capital

Image of Lauren Rippy

Lauren Rippy

Image of John Webb

John Webb

Image of Jenny Bardoczi

Jenny Bardoczi

Image of Bill Griffin

Bill Griffin

Image of Robert Woodson

Robert Woodson

Image of Hesper Dickson

Hesper Dickson
Team Billy Harris

Image of Fred Schofield

Fred Schofield

Image of Margaret Horine

Margaret Horine

Image of Esther Blue

Esther Blue

Image of Nichole Civiello

Nichole Civiello

Image of Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore

Image of Ashley Bowman

Ashley Bowman

Image of Desiree Blake

Desiree Blake

Image of Brian Woodward

Brian Woodward

Image of Greg Walker

Greg Walker

Image of Joseph Tavormina

Joseph Tavormina
Broad River Capital

Image of Kim Cheatham

Kim Cheatham

Image of Alice Griffin

Alice Griffin

Image of Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

Image of Joe Bryson

Joe Bryson

Image of Milo Garren

Milo Garren

Image of Maggie Butler

Maggie Butler

Image of Tootie Mrotek

Tootie Mrotek

Image of Mary Dorris

Mary Dorris

Image of Hannah Bayles

Hannah Bayles

Image of Marti Walker

Marti Walker

Image of Rebecca Fisher

Rebecca Fisher

Image of Beate Kaufman

Beate Kaufman

Image of Judy Price

Judy Price


President $20,000,000 or more

Image of Brian K. Noland And Catherine Proben

Brian K. Noland and Catherine Proben
Noland and Proben Team

Image of Team Billy Taylor

Team Billy Taylor
Team Billy Taylor

Image of Marie Morris And Neely Neu

Marie Morris and Neely Neu
Morris and Neu Team

Image of Sandra Justus And Kelly Frady

Sandra Justus and Kelly Frady
Justus and Frady Team

Image of Mary Kay Buhrke And Amber Saxon

Mary Kay Buhrke and Amber Saxon
Mary Kay and Amber Team

Image of Julie Smith And Todd Kaderabek

Julie Smith and Todd Kaderabek
Smith and Kaderabek Team


Chairman $10,000,000 to $19,999,999

Image of Amber Kirkpatrick And Erica Hodges

Amber Kirkpatrick and Erica Hodges
Amber and Erica Team


Diamond $7,000,000 to $9,999,999

Image of Ben And Amanda Hill

Ben and Amanda Hill
Hill Team

Image of Billie Green And Ty Boyd

Billie Green and Ty Boyd
Boyd and Green Group

Image of Jim And Nancy Oberlies

Jim and Nancy Oberlies
Oberlies Team


Platinum $5,000,000 to $6,999,999

Image of Karen Hollingsed And Krista Valentine

Karen Hollingsed and Krista Valentine
Karen and Krista Team

Image of The Larry Blunt Team

The Larry Blunt Team
The Larry Blunt Team


Gold $3,000,000 to $4,999,999

Image of Ana Lilburn And Dori Ray

Ana Lilburn and Dori Ray
Ray and Lilburn Team

Image of Don And Karen Woodard

Don and Karen Woodard
Woodard Team


Silver $2,000,000 to $2,999,999

Image of Becky And Mark Midyette

Becky and Mark Midyette
Midyette Team


Bronze $1,000,000 to $1,999,999

Image of David And Denise Turner

David and Denise Turner
Turner Team