2019 Market Leaders Downtown Asheville

When shopping, do you search for and select the product with a two or three-star rating? No, who does that? Like most consumers, you search for five stars and buy the absolute best. We’re guessing that when it comes to buying and selling real estate, nothing less than five stars will suffice. Don’t settle for a real estate agent that has achieved anything less than a five-star performance. The professional REALTORS® at Beverly-Hanks are among the most productive and highly rated in our region.

Browse through the accomplishments of last year’s top performers. At Beverly-Hanks, our professional real estate agents WORK BIG.

Chairman $10,000,000 to $19,999,999

Image of Julie Smith And Todd Kaderabek

Julie Smith and Todd Kaderabek

Image of Marie Morris And Neely Neu

Marie Morris and Neely Neu

Image of Misty Masiello

Misty Masiello

Image of Donette Moore And Diane Morris

Donette Moore and Diane Morris

Image of Sam Rule

Sam Rule

Diamond $7,000,000 to $9,999,999

Image of Scott Ambler

Scott Ambler

Image of Gene Sandlin

Gene Sandlin

Image of Carol Elizabeth Pennell

Carol Elizabeth Pennell

Platinum $5,000,000 to $6,999,999

Image of Bonnie Cathey

Bonnie Cathey

Image of Bunny Morris

Bunny Morris

Image of Binford Jennings

Binford Jennings

Image of Millie Farmer

Millie Farmer

Image of Barbara Newell

Barbara Newell

Image of Minouche Holcomb

Minouche Holcomb

Image of Angela Booher

Angela Booher

Image of McRae Hilliard

McRae Hilliard

Image of Glenn Haden

Glenn Haden

Gold $3,000,000 to $4,999,999

Image of Tamara Stanton

Tamara Stanton

Image of Brent Russell

Brent Russell

Image of Jan Rector

Jan Rector

Image of Stephen G. Duncan

Stephen G. Duncan

Image of Marsha Neese

Marsha Neese

Image of LaNita Cloninger

LaNita Cloninger

Image of Jenny Bardoczi

Jenny Bardoczi

Image of Bill Byrne

Bill Byrne

Image of Barbara Baskerville

Barbara Baskerville

Image of Wes Hight

Wes Hight

Image of Tina Garrett

Tina Garrett

Image of Bre Powers

Bre Powers

Image of Janice Southerland

Janice Southerland

Image of Cathy Carter

Cathy Carter

Image of Hope Burk

Hope Burk

Image of Tracey Rich

Tracey Rich

Image of Debbie Mitchell

Debbie Mitchell

Image of Linda Baker

Linda Baker

Image of Jennifer LeBlanc

Jennifer LeBlanc

Silver $2,000,000 to $2,999,999

Image of Danielle Thuot

Danielle Thuot

Image of Clayton Ryan

Clayton Ryan

Image of Mike Kelleher

Mike Kelleher

Image of Karen King-Smith

Karen King-Smith

Image of Rick Tisdale

Rick Tisdale

Image of Evelyn Zebro

Evelyn Zebro

Image of Theresa Turchin

Theresa Turchin

Image of Fred Schofield

Fred Schofield

Image of Alice Miller

Alice Miller

Image of Chandler Brewer

Chandler Brewer

Image of Liz Boys Asbury

Liz Boys Asbury

Bronze $1,000,000 to $1,999,999

Image of Pam Braun

Pam Braun

Image of Colette Morris

Colette Morris

Image of Alice Griffin

Alice Griffin

Image of Shannon Watkins

Shannon Watkins

Image of Emily Bentley

Emily Bentley

Image of Tootie Mrotek

Tootie Mrotek

Image of Tricia McCorkle

Tricia McCorkle

Image of Michael Lizzul

Michael Lizzul

Image of Diana Brock

Diana Brock

Image of Tracey Novak

Tracey Novak